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Virtualization Technologies

Virtualization can bring many positive features and benefits to a company’s technology plan.  But which Virtualization platform should you choose.  Is Virtualization the right solution or are you just adding unnecessary complexity to your network?  Should you choose VMWare Vsphere, or Microsoft Hyper-V?  What plans do you have for backup and recovery of your Virtual environment?  These are all questions that San Francisco Network Information Systems can help you solve.

Business Continuity

All businesses now know the importance of a good back up.  Have you ever tested your backup?  Will you be able to restore a server if it fails.  What if there is a regional disaster that prevents your business from operating.  How long can you go without your network up and running.  Can you survive a week without email?  San Francisco Network Information Systems are experts at business continuity services.  Business Continuity is more than just a backup, it’s a complete disaster recovery solution that will allow your business to set a reasonable Recovery Time Objective (RTO)so that you can be back up and working in the event of a regionalized disaster.

Cloud Technology


Is the cloud right for your business?  Reliability, Scalability and security are the marketed buzz words of the cloud.  What advantages can it bring your business?  Is a cloud based solution right for you?  San Francisco Network Information Systems can help you understand the marketing buzz words, hidden cost and the pros and cons of “The Cloud”  SFNIS is also an official reseller for Microsoft Cloud Services, including the new Office Live365 and hosted Exchange services. 

Small Business Server

Microsoft Small Business Server is an all in one server solution for business.  Combing file sharing, email, SharePoint and remote access on to one platform for easy installation and support, SBS can provide a technology solution for many business needs.  SBS Essentials 2011 provides a hybrid of on site and cloud based solutions, providing you with the reliability of the cloud and the performance of on premise solutions.  SFNIS is a Small Business Server specialist and actively involved in the Microsoft Community of SBS specialist.